Things You Can Do

Sponsored by the Princess Anne County/Virginia Beach Historical Society 
Virginia Wesleyan College, October 27, 2002 

Things you can do with technology to help preserve historical information.

  • Take photos and video footage of current events.
  • Have a youth history club to write articles and keep records of the history of your group or community.
  • Take current photos of your neighborhood before it changes.
  • Talk to older residents and record what they remember.
  • Create a web site for your group or organization.  Many young people know a lot about computers and can easily do this.  Free web space often comes with Internet access like AOL or Earthlink. Simple web design programs are available either free or inexpensively.  Coffee Cup – Namo Web Design – Design Shop Gold – even Front Page.  Download trial programs before purchasing.
  • Lastly, link your web site to us . Help us build a web community with access to historical and resource information about our neighborhood and community heritage.


 Outline created by
June Cooper
for The Princess Anne County / Virginia Beach Historical Society
Record Preservation Workshop, October 27, 2002.  

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