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This Month in History

Hmm, what month did they finish building the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel? Use the calendar at This month in history to answer this and other puzzling questions concerning Princess Anne County and Virginia Beach.



My Neighborhood History

Are you interested in the history of the section of Virginia Beach or old Princess Anne County where you live? Use the links on the map at My Neighorhood History to find out more.



Virginia Beach History Timeline

Reach back into time with a visit to the VB History Timeline. Find out interesting facts such as when the town of Virginia Beach merged with Princess Anne County to become the largest city in Virginia.



Community Roots Project

Read about our local history from local people who have contributed to the Community Roots Project.  You can also participate and send us your recollections of our City.


This Month In History  -  My Neighborhood History  -  Virginia Beach Timeline - Community Roots Project


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