Confederate SOldier Statue at Virginia Beach Courthouse Princess Anne Historical Society Celebrating Our History, Our City, Our County

Resources for Information about Local History

Community Roots Articles  - Some articles and information about local history - from the Community Roots project - part of the city's 2007 Celebration!

Links to Community Web sites - Some Links to Web Sites in the community

Local Authors - The Virginia Beach area is alive with history and people are writing about it. Follow these links to read more about the men and women celebrating our history in Virginia Beach and Princess Anne County.

 Local History Booklist - A list of some books available on Local History

University of Virginia Extension Series - Economic and Social Survey of Princess Anne County (ebook) May 1924

 PAC/VB Historical Society Articles

Organizations - The Tidewater Area is rich in history. There are many organizations directly involed in the preservation of historical archifacts and the education of our citizens. Some of these groups are listed below:


Local History Resources on the World Wide Web - Try out some other resources for information on Princess Anne County/Virginia Beach history on the World Wide Web.



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