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MARCH 8th at 2:30 p.m.


Guest Speaker: Clay Bernick

TOPIC:  Man & Nature In Princess Anne County:
Earth Day Program Set for March 8th

          The 50th anniversary of the nation's first Earth Day observance in 1970 offers a fulcrum for reflecting on how centuries of human activity intersected with our community's natural setting, and how insights from that intersection may provide context for future decision making. 

          Clay Bernick, retired administrator of the Virginia Beach Office of Environment and Sustainability, will distill dozens of relevant themes and developments in a stimulating presentation for attendees at the Sunday, March 8th meeting of the Princess Anne County/Virginia Beach Historical Society. 

         We will gather at 2:30 that afternoon at Scott Memorial United Methodist Church, 409 First Colonial Road, located just south of the 264 overpass.

         The Society is pleased to contribute this program to the dialogue that will be taking place across Virginia Beach during this Earth Day anniversary year.  All of any age are invited to join us at 2:30 on March 8th.


Upper Wolfsnare Etching  

The Princess Anne County / Virginia Beach Historical Society at
 Upper Wolfsnare 

2040 Potters Road - Virginia Beach, VA  23451
The house was built by Thomas Walke (III) in 1759

 The Historical Society provides the sole support for maintanence and restoration
of the Upper Wolfsnare house.  Donations to the Society are always welcome!

for more information email us at
or call
(757) 491-3490


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Calling All Upper Wolfsnare Owner Families

Wolfsnare Families


Do you recognize any of the names in this image? Are you descended from any of these families?

We are looking for you! The Princess Anne County/Virginia Beach Historical Society wants to know more about each of the families who owned Upper Wolfsnare since it was built in 1759, starting with Thomas Walke, III.
We plan to research the families and share the information we find with others.

We’d love to be able to invite these families to come and reunite at Upper Wolfsnare and share any stories they might have from the days when their families resided in the house. If you would like to work on this project with us, even if you are not related to the families listed here, please send us your name, contact information, and best times for you to be able to attend an organization meeting at

We hope to schedule a meeting for interested folks during the summer.
Let’s discover the many folks who have made Upper Wolfsnare their home.


Upper Wolfsnare Update - Repairs and Restorations

Upper Wolfsnare, the lovely 18th Century home built by Thomas Walke, III in 1759, has survived severe weather and several wars over the years. It has been showing signs of wear and tear, and is in need of some critical repairs and restorations. Because of its historic significance, we are dedicated to employing contractors who are trained in repairing and restoring colonial historic buildings, to preserve the historic value of the house.

We are pleased to have received donations to the John Baillio Upper Wolfsnare Memorial Fund which are being used to complete this work. Working with the Commonwealth Preservation Group, we have created and prioritized a list of repairs and restorations that need to be completed. Fund Graph

We estimate that the cost of these repairs will be approximately $50,000.00
So far, we have received $9,263.45 in donations that are being applied directly to these projects.

In June we were able to replace the very aged HVAC system at a cost of approximately $25,000.
This will help to preserve the antiques located at the house, along with the print materials related to the Historical Society and Upper Wolfsnare over the years.

Our next project is to repair the soffit on the back of the house.
This will reduce the deterioration of the wood, and keep insects from entering the house through that opening. In addition to the soffit work, we need to repair 16 window sills and treat them with borate because wood is a natural organic material and as such can be degraded by biological organisms: bacteria, fungi and insects. We also need to replace or repair three ventilators. Our insurance company imposed a surcharge on our premium because of these deficits in the building, so we hope to have them repaired by the end of July. This work will cost approximately $10,650 which will hopefully come from the John Baillio Upper Wolfsnare Memorial Fund.

As you can see, there is much work to be done.
We appreciate any contributions that you are willing to make to help us complete this very important work.

If you would like to donate to help with repair costs,
please send a check made out to PACVBHS and indicate the donation is for the
John Baillio Upper Wolfsnare Memorial Fund

Send to: PACVB Historical Society
c/o Upper Wolfsnare
2040 Potters Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23454

If you have questions, contact
and we will be happy to get in touch with you.

UPPER WOLFSNARE is owned and entirely supported and funded by the PACVB Historical Society.
Unlike other local houses, we do not receive financial support from the City of Virginia Beach.



    New at Upp



Help us keep this Historic House with a donation to our building repairs fund!

 On June, 2018 the members of the historical society voted to establish a fund to meet the growing needs of the house the h and othe society owns, Upper Wolfsnare. With the untimely passing of our previous president, John Baillio, the members decided unanimously to name the project the John Baillio Upper Wolfsnare Memorial Fund.

Over the past few months, through consulting with an historical conservationist and other experts, lists of improvements and repairs have been written and prioritized. Our 1759 house and grounds need a lot of work. Phase one requires $12,000 for various immediate repairs. Phase two will be around $30,000 for a new HVAC system.

Please remember that the society receives no donation money from any source other than our members, our house tours and our books. We will be looking into various grants to help, but we need your help right away so we can begin.


Let’s keep this house intact as a reminder of our local roots.



Please consider honoring the legacies of Princess Anne County,  Virginia Beach and

John Baillio by sending your contribution  today. Any amount helps!


Click Here for a PDF donation letter

Thank you so much for your gift.


Upper Wolfsnare Etching  

2040 Potters Road - Virginia Beach, VA  23451
The house was built by Thomas Walke (III) in 1759

 The Historical Society provides the sole support for maintanence and restoration
of the Upper Wolfsnare house.  Donations to the Society are always welcome!

for more information email us at

visit us on Facebook

or call (757) 491-3490




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The Princess Anne County/
Virginia Beach Historical Societ

Do you shop online? Have you ever made a purchase from Amazon such as a book or gifts for friends or family members? If so, why not use the charitable donation feature of Amazon to support the Princess Anne County/Virginia Beach Historical Society? There is no extra charge to you, and you still get all of the same features you have with your current Amazon account.

Simply log in to using your regular login information. You will be asked to select a charity and can choose the Historical Society from the drop down menu.

We appreciate any donations that result from your participation in this wonderful service.

Thank you!




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For non-profits, there’s Guide Star. 

Each year, millions of people use Guide Star information to make decisions about nonprofits and the work they do. Donors explore charities and issues they want to support. Nonprofit leaders benchmark their organizations against their peers. 

PAC/VB HS has proudly achieved  the GOLD category, the top 2% of non-profits.

Please consider your historical society when you are donating to your preferred non-profits.
Thank you!







by Dr. Stephen Mansfield
PACVBHS Historian & Archivist at Virginia Wesleyan College

Princess Anne County / Virginia Beach by Dr. Stephen S. Mansfield - bookcover

A wonderful, well researched book
on our local history!!

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The Historical Society only owns the Upper Wolfsnare House

For information on the City Owned 
Thoroughgood, Lynnhaven or Francis Land Houses

visit the Virginia Beach Museum's website

Department of Museums
3131 Virginia Beach Blvd.
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
(757) 385-5100

For Ferry Plantation House visit:



Vintage North End Virginia Beach - An Illustrated History

By Ann Handbury Callis and Danna Cullen
Photo Editor Chris Crumley
Published in 2012

Ann Callis is currently a PACVBHS Board member

  Vintage North End Virginia Beach

Available Locally at
Taylor's Do-it Center Hilltop, Beach Gallery, Taste Unlimited, Baker's Jewelry, Bikini Hut
and online at Amazon & Barnes & Noble


Visit our Historic Places link for more information about these houses and other local history. 

Discover something unique about your neighborhood, read articles about local history, and the historic houses, museums, and other historic places in Virginia Beach.

Find some
links to archives, research and activities of other public and non-profit history groups
in our City and Tell Us Your Story by participating in our Community Roots project .
Send us some memories, photos and local lore you want to share.    


You can explore a timeline of Virginia Beach history, watch for monthly historical facts
or visit our
'gift shop' and support the Society by purchasing
Princess Anne County/ Virginia Beach, A Pictorial History, by Dr. Stephen Mansfield,
an historical publication available only through the Historical Society.   



Become a Member!! - Membership Application PDF Form

PAC/VB Historical Society Board of Directors...

Books by Historical Society Member Walter A. Whitehurst

Pungo Tales cover

   Walt Whitehurst, a member of the Princess Anne County/Virginia Beach Historical Society, has written a book entitled Pungo Tales (Headlight Press, Statesboro, GA, 2011). Walt left Pungo in 1951 to attend college, and later served as a missionary in Chile and as a pastor in Virginia. He returned to Pungo in 1999 to find many of his childhood friends still here. As they reminisced about the early years in Princess Anne County, Walt decided to write down many of their stories to preserve for future generations these anecdotes about days gone by.

Pungo Tales 2


The books are available from the author.
Call Walt at (757) 426-0230 or email,
or Walter A. Whitehurst, 1761 Princess Anne Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23456.

The Boardwalk History Fair
April 28, 2007
Boardwalk History Fair 

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